Are you ready to BUILD YOUR FUTURE ?

Many Filinos face a challenging future

This is why we must control our future!

How do we control our future?

Today's world is a world of possibilities. We can "Google" anything and be presented with numerous options and ways to "do it yourself," including building our own financial future. But we can not do it alone.

IMG is a new concept in the financial industry, organized to help people build a good solid financial foundation. Through the years, more than 150,000 Filipinos have benefited from IMG's platforms to:

IMG teaches Filipinos how many works using simple and easy to understand financial concepts such as

and other things that the wealthy know but most normal people do not.

Do you know about savings and investments?

Do you know about mutual funds?

Do you know that by simply keeping your money in a savings account you are losing money to tax and inflation?

Do you know that millions of people will face the problem of living a long life without adequate income?

But with understanding and proper preparation, you can build up your future retirement.

Do you know about life insurance?

Do you know that life insurance is protection for your family, if you die too soon?

Do you know that long term healthcare is protection for you, if you live too long?

IMG's goal is to have 1 million financially educated Filipino families by 2020. IMG will help you learn how to control your future

My Journey

Two years ago, I "retired" from my corporate job, and planned to start my own business intelligence company. But something happened along the way.

I became an IMG member, and a happy warrior in the fight against poverty.

IMG started its mission to help Filipino families become financially free more than 18 years ago. Through the years, we helped Filipinos learn about money, provided access to hundreds of financial products, and helped many save money through discounts and rebates.

11 Reasons to be an IMG Member

Here are eleven reasons to be among the more than one hundred thousand (100,000+) IMG members worldwide.

1. Financial education workshop

IMG has been giving free financial seminars for many years.
IMG recently launched its Global Campaign for Financial Literacy, and the target is one million financially literate families by 2020.There are now five new two-hour workshops on (1) increasing cash flow and debt management; (2) building a solid financial foundation and getting proper protection; (3) asset accumulation and growth; (4) asset and wealth preservation, and retirement planning; and (5) entrepreneurship.
IMG members get a FREE workbook to use in the workshops. Workshop #1. Increasing Cashflow. Debt Management Workshop #2. Building a Strong Financial Foundation. Workshop #3. Building Wealth. Asset Accumulation. Workshop #4. Retirement Planning. Wealth Preservation. Workshop #5.Building a Business in the Financial Industry

Product Training

Product trainings are seminar-type classes where you learn about financial products, their features and benefits. These trainings enable you to evaluate which financial products will best suit your personal requirements without the pressure to buy from financial advisors.

2. Free financial check-up

When you have questions/concerns about your health, you get a medical check-up. When you have car problems, you go get a car check-up.And if you have questions about your wealth and finances?

IMG members get FREE financial check-up from their trainers and mentors. Members sit beside their trainers to prepare personal financial needs analysis and create personal financial plan/blueprint.

3. Access to asset preservation services

We all strive to accumulate assets in our lifetime to pass to our family and next generation. And when God calls us home (unfortunately, sometimes a little sooner than expected), everybody tells our family they are sorry for the loss, but the government will first freeze your assets until your heirs pay up to 20% of the estate value in taxes.

Asset preservation is about an orderly transition of your assets to your heirs, according to your plans and wishes, and possibly about paying less taxes.IMG members have access to tools and services to setup corporations for asset preservation or other purposes through its corporate services partner company.

4. Discount on car, home, property, and other non-life insurance products

Do you need insurance for your home? Car? Equipment? Many people need insurance for many reasons, and sometimes it is a pain to get hold of the proper insurance agent, and pay sometimes expensive premiums.IMG members have access to a multitude of non-life insurance products from respected providers such as MAPFRE Insurance, QBE Insurance, Malayan Insurance, UCPB Gen, Prudential Guarantee, and many more.

IMG members also get discounts in the form of rebates on their own insurance requirements.If you own a business with non-life insurance requirements, the discounts on insurance alone is reason enough to be a member!

5. Discount from real estate companies

Many Filipinos eventually buy real estate, maybe a house and lot, or a condo, through a middleman such as a real estate agent or broker.IMG members buy directly from real estate giants, effectively bypassing the middlemen.

Get Discounts on Real Estate from

IMG members usually get another 2 to 3% discount on real estate purchases.On a P3M property, that is about 2% x P3,000,000 or P60,000.

Another reason to be an IMG member!

6. Access to affordable life insurance products and services

IMG members can enroll in its IMG group yearly renewable term plan with Philam Life, the biggest life insurance company in the Philippines. This plan is the most inexpensive in the market. For members below 36 years old, it costs about P3,600 ANNUAL premium to get a P1,000,000 life insurance coverage, with riders for accidental death, dismemberment and disablement (ADDD), including a P500,000 terminal illness benefit (TIB). That means a P1,000,000 coverage for as little as P10 a day.This is another benefit available to IMG members (with additional requirements).

Get Access and Discounts on selected products from

7. Access to short-term and long-term healthcare products and services

Most Philippine HMOs offer short term health care products to big companies for the benefit of their employees. This provides excellent healthcare to the generally young and healthy corporate employees while they are employed.Long term healthcare is like "pre-paid" healthcare.

Individuals pay for healthcare while they are relatively young and healthy and productive, planning to use the healthcare when they are old, sickly, unemployed or retired.Kaiser International Healthgroup Inc, a duly-accredited HMO in the Philippines (I think the third biggest HMO) registered as a Healthcare Provider and Accredited Broker for Other Health Care Companies, offers both short-term and long-term healthcare products, numerous corporate, schoool and government accounts ( House of Representatives, Court of Appeals, Public Attorney's Office, Department of Agrarian Reform, Technological University of the Philippines, Honda Motor World, Makati Finance Corporation, Royal Oaks International School, Seminario de San Agustin, etc).

IMG members have access to innovative healthcare products from Kaiser International, Inc, including long term healthcare with investment component, and senior healthcare for age 61 - 100.

Invest in Long Term Healthcare

The concept of long term healthcare is simple and practical. Pay for your healthcare while you are young and healty and can afford to pay, for future healthcare when you are old or sickly or no longer able to pay. It is much like a pre-paid healthcare with no expiration and compounding value. Use the healthcare when you need it, now, next year, or when you retire. Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder enables you to invest for seven years only, for 20 years of health and life protection, with value growing at 7 - 10% on maturity.

8. Enjoy zero load benefits to various mutual funds

Mutual funds are among the least understood secrets of the wealthy, mainly because mutual fund companies do not advertise or do much marketing. Yet, mutual funds are among the safest and easiest way to steadily grow your money.

The normal way to invest in these companies is to do your own research, choose, then go to each mutual fund company office, and pay up to 3.5% sales load (or commission) for those who handled the transaction.

IMG members can go to free mutual fund trainig and briefing sessions every month and discuss concerns with certified investment solicitors. Members consult other members, investment solicitors, even respected leaders in the mutual fund industry such as Rex Mendoza, found chairman of Rampver Financials to decide on which mutual funds to invest in.

Members can open mutual fund accounts for any of the 40+ mutual funds brokered by Rampver Financials. AND the best part is:

Get ZERO Load on Mutual Funds

Zero load on ALL mutual funds from the following mutual fund companies:

IMG members enjoy ZERO load benefits when investing in any of these funds.

If you invest P100,000 directly in mutual fund through traditional channels, you may pay up to P3,500 in sales loads, effectively investing only P96,500.

If you invest P100,000 as an IMG members, through IMG, there is zero load and you invest the entire P100,000.

Long Term Mutual Fund Investing

How much will P1,000 per month be in different investment vehicles? If you invest P1,000 per month*
  • in a piggy bank for 40 years, you will have only P480,000
  • in a balanced fund for 30 years, you may reach P 3.5M
  • in an equity fund for 25 years, you may reach P 5.8M.

SHARE what you learned!

  • Help families and friends learn how to save and invest
  • Increase your cash flow, and build a big business
  • Share with family and friends same opportunity to increase cash flow and build a big business
  • Meet new friends
  • Travel and see the world!
  • A win-win and happy fight against poverty
  • Travel opportunities in luxury cruise during Master School

9. Business ownership program opportunity in the financial industry.

IMG members who want to increase their cashflow can earn extra income by helping other people save and invest, while keeping their job or business.Access to all of IMG's partner companies is an optional business opportunity for members who could use it to build a career or big business in the financial industry.

10. Opportunities to travel the world for free through the IMG business program

IMG members who do the IMG business program and meet performance targets get subsidies to attend and enjoy the IMG local and international conventions, and free packages for internationa cruises.

11. Community of Savers and Investors

Enrolling in IMG means joining a community of savers and investors, enabling members to consult mentors, share experience and compare notes with other community members with similar values.

In IMG, you become friends with awesome people who will selflessly guide and encourage you to practice financial discipline in your journey to financial freedom.Enrolling in IMG means joining a community of savers and investors, enabling members to consult mentors.

If you want to lean more about IMG, you can start by attending our free seminar.

But for now, let us start by Enrolling in IMG. To enroll just fill out the form below. After you fill out the form, we will Please provide us your joining information by filling out the form below, to enable us to coordinate with you. A few minutes after you fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. Click on the confirmation link to confirm your application. ( We require this step to ensure that you are the same person who filled out the form ). Then we'll contact you to arrange a meeting to interview you and for you to fill out the forms. You will also need to pay the P3,700 one time lifetime membership fee and later begin attending your next seminars on IMG membership and investing. Expect our call in the next few days. Please be ready to suggest a candidate date, time and venue for the meeting. Again, we congratulate you for deciding to join IMG and achieve financial freedom!