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The Secret to Saving and Building Your Future

Financial education is not just for the wealthy.  It is for everyone!

Take Control of Your Money!

Do you want to be free of debt?
Do you want to start saving?
Do you want to start investing?
Do you want to retire early?

Do you want to know how?
It starts with financial education and understanding how money works!

Bring yourself, your family and friends to a FREE Personal Financial Coaching And Financial Literacy Seminar by the IMG Truly Rich Maker Team.

This is your path to financial freedom! We’re empowering people on money matters! Become an expert in personal financial management. Budget, save and invest wisely. Be Financially Fit! Get out of the rat race and start your journey to being Truly Rich!

Is Money Controlling You? Or Do You Control Your Money?

With the IMG Financial Foundation Educational Program, you will learn how to:

You can become your own Money Manager.
You can learn the habits of successful people.

Start by attending our FREE Secret to Saving and Building Your Future Seminar. This is a two part seminar; a one hour lecture/presentation followed by personal financial coaching.

The seminar will discuss:

Seminars and Webinars

Live Webinars via Zoom Meetings

Webinars on Demand

Live seminars in physical locations were cancelled starting March 2020 when lockdown was declared.

After the seminar, you can apply for IMG membership.

IMG members enjoy many benefits:

Enroll to learn!

Have you ever attended seminars and workshops, and realized after the event, that you needed answers to some questions? Have you ever wished you can attend some seminar segments again, without paying for them again?

IMG members can attend our workshops any number of times, and get answers from the mentors/trainers

  1. Workshop. Increasing Cashflow. Debt Management
  2. Workshop. Building a Strong Financial Foundation. Proper Protection.
  3. Workshop. Building Wealth. Asset Accumulation.
  4. Workshop. Retirement Planning. Wealth Preservation.
  5. Workshop. Building a Business in the Financial Industry.

Attend Seminars, Workshops and Trainings Any Number of Times
IMG members can attend advanced classes any number of times!
IMG has advanced classes for various financial concepts, products and services to enable members to better understand them.

Product Trainings

Learn financial products, industry trends and opportunities from the providers themselves! We have regular product training for members, from our partner-providers. Learn about:

Few Seats Left! Reserve Now and Take Your First Step Toward Financial Freedom!